Messenger-API is an simple API which provide the ability to GET, POST, UPDATE and DELETE messages from an potential messaging website.

After registration you will get a token wish give you the necessary authorization to use the API.

You can make a call to get 1 or all the existing messages. After posting a new message you can update it or delete it as you wish. A JSON will be returned for all API's calls to further process the received informations.
You can see your messages updated automaticaly in the frame on the home page which embed the messaging website.

The documentation is available on Postman.

See the Documentation


Call the API to get 1 message by its ID or all the messages on the website.

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Post to add a new message on the website and see it in the response and frame.

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Edit a message already posted on the website using its ID and see it in the response.

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Delete a message on the website using its ID and see the confirmation response.

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